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  • Vessel at Sea - Silver Ebares and Co Nesco Maritime Services Limited
  • Vessel at Sea - Silver Ebares and Co Nesco Maritime Services Limited
  • Vessel at Sea - Silver Ebares and Co Nesco Maritime Services Limited
  • Vessel at Sea - Silver Ebares and Co Nesco Maritime Services Limited
  • Vessel at Sea - Silver Ebares and Co Nesco Maritime Services Limited
  • Vessel at Sea - Silver Ebares and Co Nesco Maritime Services Limited

Our Business:

We provide prompt, efficient and effective agency services to vessels, principals and service providers. From an experienced centralized operational hub, NMSL dedicated team provides outstanding communication and knowledge of ports, commodities and compliance requirements for any Nigerian port.

Ship Agency Services by Nesco maritime Services Limited
  • Cargo agency

  • Liner agency

  • Offshore vessel agency

  • Shippers/Receivers representation

  • Documentations

  • Ship broking services by Nesco Maritime Services Limited
  • Tanker chartering

  • Negotiation

  •  Requisition

  • Acquisition

  •  Sales and Purchase

  • Ship Management Services by Nesco Maritime Services Limited
  • Registration of vessels worldwide.

  • Voyage Planning – to save cost for our client.

  • Ship Chandelling

  • Crew Management.

  • Maritime Logistics by Nesco Maritime Services Limited
  • Project Logistics

  • Freight forwarding

  • 3PL Terminal

  • Technical Supplies: Deck and Engine stores, Life safety equipment and pyrotechnics, medical stores, marine equipment and spare parts, instruments, tools, bearing, oil and lubricant, marine paints.

  • Vessels Arrest by Nesco Maritime Services Limited
  • Drafting, review and assessment of contracts for maritime trade;

  • Assessment of planned changes to the flag under which the ship sails from the perspective; of the legal conditions that prevail in the state whose flag is to be adopted.

  • Drafting and vetting of charter parties agreement.

  • Representation in relationships with counterparties and their insurers

  • Representation in proceedings in Nigeria and foreign organs of public administration

  • Representation at all level of courts on maritime and admiralty causes both within Nigeria and international jurisdiction.

  • Arrest, detention and release of different classes of vessels both judicial and extra judicially within and outside the Nigeria territorial waters.

Clearing and forwarding services by

Nesco Maritime Service Limited is a Licensed Customs Agent under Tariff and Trade by the Nigeria Customs. We undertake clearing and forwarding of cargos for clients in all the Ports and Airports in Nigeria and West African sub – region.

Capacity building/Staff training

We offer comprehensive training for management staff, practicing professionals and key employees, at all levels in the maritime industry in the following areas:-

(1)  Introduction to Shipping:

  • Elements of shipping

  • Commercial

  • Dictionary of shipping terms

  • Port Agency

  • Marine Cargo Operation: a guide to stowage.

(2)  Legal Principles in Shipping Business:

  • Carriage of goods by sea

  • Admiralty and maritime law

  • Hague and Hague- Visby Rules.

(3)  Port and Terminal Management:

  • Port management & operations

  • Port operations, planning and Logistics

  • Port Operations and container terminal management.

  • Tug use in port

  • Port security and self Assessment.

(4)  Tanker Chartering:

  • Tanker operations

  • The petroleum shipping industry: Operations and practices

  • Introduction to the transportation of oil by sea

  • World scale – a tanker chartering tool.

(5)  Ship Sale and Purchase:

  • Ship sale and purchase

  • Ship registration: Law and practice

  • Shipping finance: Financing ship and mobile offshore installations.

(6)  Marine Insurance

  • Marine insurance: Principles and basic practice.

  • Marine insurance claims

  • Law of marine insurance. 

We are members of:

(1)  Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers – London

(2)   Baltic Exchange – London

(3)  American Bar Association – USA

(4)  The Chartered Institute of Logistic and Transport – UK

(5)  International Bar Association IBA – London

(6)  Nigeria Bar Association - Nigeria

Maritime Law Services by Silver Ebares & Co and Maritime Nesco Nigeria Limited


Silver Ebares & Co. specialist maritime law services   Silver Ebares & Co specialist maritime law services for Nigeria
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